“Snowflakes that cling to my nose and eyelashes…”

Knitting is one of my major go-to activities. Like the really old saying about your credit card, “Never leave home without it,” I can’t imagine being stuck waiting in the doctor’s office or on a plane or car journey without my knitting. My daughter gets panicky if she doesn’t have a snack for something to eat in her backpack, I get panicky if I don’t have a book to read or don’t have my knitting bag with me. I make sure that I have an unfinished project hanging around in case I finish something and don’t have another item to knit. At this very moment the “never ending scarf” is sitting in a bag beside my chair.

The never-ending scarf

For me, knitting is much more than a hobby. I knit when I attend meetings because I know that I will be way more focused and attentive if my hands are occupied. I have been known to be disruptive and unruly when I’m not interested and knitting has definitely alleviated that sort of behaviour. I bet I would have been much better behaved in school if I could have knit. I love to binge-watch (mainly British murder mysteries) in the evenings and if I knit while I watch, I don’t feel guilty.

Baby blanket for a special baby

Knitting is also an important social activity for me. I have a knitting group and we meet every Monday evening–I’m waiting for them to arrive at my house tonight. I went on a knitting train to Smithers a couple of weekends ago with a group of about 38 women and on my bucket list is a knitting tour of Ireland. As well as having social benefits, knitting is apparently good for one’s health.


Easter present for my granddaughter.

Mainly I knit for my family and friends. I have knit for myself but when I do I rarely am happy with what comes off my needles so I usually give the scarf or shawl or sweater away. For several years now I’ve knit “going to kindergarten sweaters” for my grandchildren or those of my friends. I knit afghans, toques, fingerless gloves, scarves, cowls, sweaters, toys and I even knit a skirt for my daughter. Lately I’ve been knitting shawls.

I have taught two of my granddaughters and one of my grandsons to knit.

My sister-in-law gave me a pin which I have attached to my knitting bag which says “I knit so I won’t kill people.”

Author: judywig

I’m a retired educator, mother of four, grandmother of five. I live in a small town in northern BC (with my husband of 47 years) where I have lived for the past 50 years. I came to this place for my first year teaching, intending to stay for one year only and yet here I remain. And happy to be here. My passions are travelling and reading; my hobbies are knitting, quilting and taking photos.

4 thoughts on ““Snowflakes that cling to my nose and eyelashes…””

  1. I understand completely Judy. For me it’s reading or a fidget thing of some kind in my hand. If nothing else I play with my pocket knife which I am never without. I do get some strange looks over that!😂


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