Taking Stock of Some Things in My House

I love making lists, all sorts of lists. Mainly I make a “to-do” list because I find that helps me sort what’s in my head but, particularly, it motivates me to do the stuff I’ve been putting off. I really like to see my list with items crossed off–I use highlighters to do that and usually I start my list with something I’ve already done so I can cross that off immediately. It’s so satisfying to look at my totally crossed off list at the end of the day, you know “little things satisfy little minds.” I make Christmas gift lists, cleaning lists, what I’m making for dinner lists if I’m having company, things to shop for in Prince George, packing lists for travel, writing topics. Making lists is the perfect way to procrastinate because I really feel like I’m accomplishing something when I’m list-making.

Important Things Around My House:

  • Knicknacks we have collected over the years. The Lladro statue we bought in Spain 47 years ago. It was a splurge and I felt so guilty spending money on something so frivolous when we had so little. But I love her and I’m glad we did splurge. I looked at Lladro pottery when were were recently in Valencia and was appalled at the cost today and my lady is even more valuable to me because they don’t seem to be making pottery in this elegant style anymore. I display the Highland cow I bought for my husband in Scotland and the iconic marble Chinese lions I bought for him in Beijing.
  • The photos and art I have on my walls. I have 2 main categories of photos: family pictures and photos I’ve taken that I’ve deemed good enough to enlarge and frame. The art, and there’s not much of that, are pieces done by friends or family and pieces we’ve bought ourselves. And, of course, the quilts I’ve made which I hang on the wall or put on tables.
  • Things that remind me of special people. I have a beautiful cut glass bowl that belonged to my grandmother which I display and use. I have a bone china teapot that had belonged to my friend’s mother. I loved Branwen and using that teapot bring back memories of her and the times we shared in Wales. I have a battered old leather briefcase of my mother’s that she used for all the Sunday School and church stuff she needed. After my mother died my brother and I were going through her things and deciding which went where and what we really wanted to keep. It turned out that we didn’t want the valuable stuff–I wanted that briefcase and he wanted the battered suitcase that we always called “the little brown suitcase.” And my jugs, the vessels, I mean. I decided years ago that I would collect jugs–I think because my best friend had some really nice ones–and for awhile, jugs were all anyone ever gave me. I managed to end the collecting when it was obvious I had run out of space for them.
  • And, lastly, the material things I couldn’t do without: my camera, my sewing machine, my iPad and laptop, my yarn and knitting supplies. (You might notice that in that list there is nothing remotely resembling anything that belongs in the kitchen!)
  • I used to collect books and had bookcase upon bookcase stuffed with books but a few years ago I decided to donate most of my collection to friends, family, secondhand bookstores, thrift shops mainly because I rarely reread any of them. I loved being surrounded by books but there comes a limit. Now, I usually buy books from secondhand bookstores or books that are on sale, and I do buy books for my Kobo. And my local library is definitely a go-to place.

Looking back on my list, it strikes me that there is a common theme of what matters to me–people, travel and things to occupy my hands and mind. I know that there is more to add to this list, but I think I’ve touched on what’s most important to me.

P.S. My husband said, after reading this, “You missed the most important thing–me!”

Author: judywig

I’m a retired educator, mother of four, grandmother of five. I live in a small town in northern BC (with my husband of 47 years) where I have lived for the past 50 years. I came to this place for my first year teaching, intending to stay for one year only and yet here I remain. And happy to be here. My passions are travelling and reading; my hobbies are knitting, quilting and taking photos.

2 thoughts on “Taking Stock of Some Things in My House”

  1. No wonder we have been friends for half a century plus; list makers bonded forever. We should make a list of all the things the bind us. I’ve been on a mission to declutter by recycling/donating two items a days for this month of February. In doing so I glance at all those special things I won’t dispose of and think, “No, not going anywhere. Too important.” You’ve inspired to make a list of the special treasures and their importance. Once day my family may appreciate knowing the significance of the stuff.

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